Gastric Sleeve

This is the most common weight loss operation in Australia – 80% of all cases. Compared to a gastric bypass, it is much easier to do. There is also a lot less maintenance post-surgery unlike the gastric band. Most patients are walking by the evening of the surgery and home after 2 days.


Under a general anaesthetic, your surgeon will make small cuts in your abdomen. The largest is about an inch (2.5cm). The keyhole surgery camera and instruments  are inserted and the stomach is freed up from its attachments. A sizing tube is placed to accurately calibrate the volume of the stomach left behind. A stapling device is then used to form the sleeve. The stomach volume is reduced from about 1500mls to 100mls.


Gastric sleeve helps you lose weight through several mechanisms. It reduces hunger due to reduced levels of Ghrelin – the hunger hormone and increased Peptide YY, a hormone that reduces appetite. You also get increased satiety hormone levels that make you feel full earlier. Although the exact mechanism is unclear, the microbes in your gut are altered to be more in line with leaner people which may also contribute to weight loss.


The overall risk is about 2%. This includes bleeding, infection, acid reflux (10%), narrowing of the sleeve, nutritional deficiencies, temporary hair loss and excess skin. Speak to your surgeon in more detail about the risks to help you make an informed decision.


Most people can expect to lose between 60%-70% of their excess weight. At Perth Obesity Solutions, most of our patients have achieved more than 90% excess weight loss. You can calculate your excess weight by entering your height and weight with our BMI calculator.


This operation is not suitable for everyone. If you suffer from acid reflux, have Barrett’s oesophagus or previously had lap banding, a gastric bypass might be a better option. Dr Siva Sundararajan is highly trained bariatric surgeon who can offer you a solution tailored to your individual needs including gastric sleeve and bypass. Book your free consultation today to start you weight loss journey or call us on 61632800.