Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. It is completely normal for you to be anxious or have concerns about the safety of bariatric surgery. Most people would know or heard about someone who has had great success with weight loss surgery. They may also have heard horror stories about complications.

It all boils down to a balance – between the risk of surgery and the risk of obesity to you.


Apart from the general risks with any surgery such as infection or bleeding, each bariatric procedure has its own set of risks like acid reflux, leaks, peptic ulcers, dumping or nutritional deficiencies. The overall risk from weight loss surgery is about 2%. Putting it another way, 2 in 100 patients will have a complication.

But before you worry yourself that that number seems high, consider other common operations. For example, in an obese patient with a BMI of 40, the overall risk of a serious complication happening after a heart bypass (10.9%), hip replacement (8.7%), gall bladder surgery (3.3%) andsleeve gastrectomy (2.3%). Does not seem so bad now does it?


All patients have expectations – resolution of obesity-related illnesses, increased mobility to spend more quality time with family or simply improved self-esteem and confidence & find that healthier person within. Bariatric surgery is the only evidence-based method to give that to you in the long run.

A significant number of patients come off medications for their diabetes or high blood pressure. No more stabbing your finger regularly for those blood sugar checks or worrying about whether you might get a stroke from your high blood pressure!

We perform minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery through small cuts to reduce pain and recovery times and get you back on track to the things you want to do. Our surgeons have great results with low complication rates.



We offer bulk billing for all our initial appointments. This is an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive assessment and sound advice, so get in touch with us via our contact page. We also offer telehealth (via Zoom, Amazon Chime & Skype) and phone consultations to comply with the social distancing measures. Together we can do this and we will help you get there and stay there.