Get to know your Surgeon: Dr Siva Sundararajan

At Perth Obesity Solutions, we are excited to launch our podcast series to help you understand weight and weight loss better. In our first episode, we chat with Dr Siva Sundararajan about his background, how he got into the field, what led him to bariatric surgery and what sets him apart.

Science of Obesity

Welcome to Episode 2 – Science of Obesity. In this episode we talk the scale of the obesity problem in our society, the hormones that control our weight, why we gain weight, how obesity affects our health and the diseases it can cause. We also briefly discuss the medications that are used to control weight and why surgery works better in the long run.

Preparation for Surgery

Welcome to episode 3 where we discuss how you prepare yourself for surgery. We cover a range of areas from doing your research before surgery, how to pick your surgeon to setting goals, what investigations are needed and how you can optimise your weight loss outcome.

Post Surgery – Care and Recovery

In this episode we deal with commonly asked questions such as how long you will stay in hospital, how to manage pain and nausea, when can you eat normally and what other problems can happen.

A New Start – John’s Story

In Episode 5, we talk to John who has had weight loss surgery. We explore his reasons for this journey, challenges he has had, how he overcame them, positive outcomes and any advice he has to people considering bariatric surgery.

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