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Weight loss surgery is not readily available in the public sector, leaving many individuals with limited options. We understand that Private surgery can be financially challenging for many. At Perth Obesity Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthier life without the burden of excessive costs.

In response to the current economic situation, we are committed to bridging the gap and making weight loss surgery more accessible to those in need. We have taken a bold step to reduce surgery gap payments by a significant amount, ensuring that our services are within reach for a wider range of individuals. This initiative is our way of addressing the financial barriers that may prevent people from pursuing the life-changing benefits of bariatric surgery.

Current Weight Loss Promotions – Valid to January 2023

  • ✓ Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • ✓ Roux-en-Y Bypass Surgery

  • ✓ Revision Surgery



At Perth Obesity Surgery, we understand the multifaceted challenges that hinder long-term weight loss. We recognise that robust support is pivotal for your success in making lasting changes – that’s why we’re offering support for a variety of our weight loss solutions.

Finance Support

Financial strain not only impacts our bank balance but also takes a toll on mental and physical well-being. Weight loss surgeries incur medical fees, and despite support from Medicare and private health insurance, it can still be financially demanding. By reducing the price of Gastric Sleeve surgery, we can make lifelong weight loss achievable for you without incurring the excessive financial strain. Discover the diverse options available, including Medicare and private health fund rebates.

Exercise Support

Post-surgery, maintaining lifelong change is crucial to prevent weight regain. We offer post personalised support to help you stay in shape.

Nutrition Support

We emphasise the importance of a balanced diet post-surgery. With the expertise of our Accredited Dietitian and Nutritionist, we create tailored nutrition plans addressing individual needs and goals both pre and post operation.


Obesity surgery team

Your Surgeon – Dr Siva Sundararajan

Dr. Siva Sundararajan, is an esteemed general surgeon in Australia. Graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2003, Dr Siva has made a substantial impact in the field of bariatric surgery since. After completing his general surgical training in Western Australia, he pursued specialised training in laparoscopic and robotic weight loss surgery, including a fellowship at Box Hill Hospital and additional training in Belgium with Dr. Bruno Dillemans, a global authority in bariatric surgery.

Dr. Sundararajan, currently practices with a specialisation in offering surgical solutions for successful and lasting weight loss. His commitment to providing top-tier care is reflected in his dedication to helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

  • MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) – University of Edinburgh
  • FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons)
  • MRCS (Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England)

Transform Your Health Today: Free Consultation +25% Discount on Weight Loss Surgery

If you’ve been seeking a weight loss solution but have been held back by financial constraints, don’t wait any longer.

At Perth Obesity Solutions, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and making weight loss surgery an accessible and achievable option for you. For a limited time only, Perth Obesity Solutions are now offering weight loss options at significant discount. Don’t miss out on your chance to transform your body;

  • ✓ First Consult is 100% Bulk-Billed
  • ✓ Weight Loss Surgery at Promotional Discount (Limited Time only)
  • ✓ Fully-Supported, Post Operation Aftercare
  • ✓ Exercise Support
  • ✓ Nutrition Plan & Support
  • ✓ Finance Options & Support

So what are you waiting for? Transform and kickstart your 2024 today and let Perth Obesity Solutions empower you on your path to a healthier, happier life today!

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